Mission Statement:

It is Custom Maid’s mission to always provide the highest quality service and professional standards at a fair and reasonable price. Through our hard work and dedication to exceed the needs of our customers, we are committed to being the leader in the residential and commercial cleaning industry in Western New York.


Code of Ethics:

Respect for Customers: Respect for our customers means maintaining professionalism at all times and actively listening to our customers to ensure that we fully understand their needs and strive to surpass their expectations. Our actions must speak louder than our words in terms of the quality we put forth and follow-through to requests or issues that arise.


Honesty and Integrity: Honesty and integrity means living by our highest values and demonstrateing trustworthiness in everything that we do. We must always communicate openly and honestly with our customers and employees. We must also take responsibility when we make a mistake and provide and effective and immediate solution.


Compliance with Laws and Regulations: We must stay up-to-date on all current applicable laws, regulations, and guidelines that affect our customers, employees, and business. These include federal, state, and municipal rules. In-house audits are to be conducted regularly to review our organization's adherence to regulatory guidelines.


Environmental Responsibility: We strive to limit our environmental impact by offering and promoting green, environmentally responsible cleaning products to our customers. We also believe in waste reduction by promoting recycling where we can and employing techonology to aid us in efficient routing practices in order to reduce our overall carbon footprint.


Fair Employment Practices: Custom Maid is an equal opportunity employer and pledges to not discriminate against employees based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or genetic information.


Confidentiality and Privacy: Keeping our customer and employee private information is a top priority. This means Employee adherence to our non-disclosure guidelines regarding privacy. The also means storing our customer and employee reacords safely and sercurely with limited access and the proper disposal of records when needed.


Conflict of Interest: While working for Custom Maid employees cannot work for competitor, offer their own business services to clients, or share Custom Maid’s confidential business information with another company. Employees and owners cannot accept payments of money or receive gifts with the implied intent of influencing a customer’s or employee’s decision on any matter.


Core Values:

Quality: From start to finish, our goal is to provide the highest-level of quality. This begins with recruiting and hiring the best possible candidates and utilizing our proprietary web and field-based training program to get new cleaners up-to-speed. Then, we take a proactive approach to quality by auditing jobs in-person, virtually, and by using an app-based survey form that is submitted to the Manager for to review. We also text and call clients regularly asking for feedback. With the quality measures we have put in place, our complaint rate is usually <1%, but should an issue arise, we have a re-clean guarantee where we will fix any missed items within 24 hours.


Reliability: Custom Maid works extremely hard to maintain a high-level of consistency with all of our clients. We work together, as a team, to ensure that our clients have the same, trustworthy crew servicing their property. Our customers rely on us to show up and do a quality job. Adhering to a scheduled ETA can be difficult when working with numerous clients, a variety of last-minute changes, etc; however, our team never ceases to amaze us; managing to keep everyone happy. 


Integrity: As a company in the service industry, it is crucial to set a high standard for honesty and making things right. We never promise something that we cannot deliver and do not send our employees to a home or business without first meeting with the client and viewing the property. It is important that our employees know that we are looking out for their interest, as well as the client’s. We try our very best to set everyone up for success and establish a good client relationship. If there is any accidental property damage, we contact the owner and explain what happened and work out an arrangement for reimbursement. If a client is not satisfied, we make every effort to make things right by recleaning missed items for free within a 24-hour period. If a client overpays, we let them know and apply the overage to their next service. In other words, we are sincere and fair in all of our business dealings.


Respect:  We treat our clients and employees alike professionally and with respect. Doing a quality job, efficiently and effectively while balancing a pleasant, respectful attitude is something we all strive for. Just a friendly “hello” in the morning or touching base with a client to make sure they are happy goes a long way. As owners, we try to lead by example as we believe respect truly starts at the top.